Mahmud Mirza Hosseini
In 1916, Ebrahim Monshizadeh and Assadollah Aboulfathzadeh, two pro constitutional activists founded “the Committee of Punishment” to confront the opponents of constitutionalism. At first, Mirza Esmail Khan, the head of Seistan silo was murdered. Then it was the turn of AbdolHamid Saqafi (Matin ossaltaneh) the editor in chief of the Asre jadid daily, in May 22nd, 1917.  It was probably after this event that Ahmad Ostovar, the deputy chief of Tehran police loses his life unclearly. There were rumors pertaining to Nosratoddowleh having hands in this affair, being helped by the chief of police, Westdahl. One of the following documents is related to this event. The rest of the documents also are connected with this terror. The names of Akbar Nakhjavani, Emad Homayun, Hajj Esmail Irani, Ahad Khan, the security inspector, and GholamHussein Afzali are to be seen among the accused ones. The documents show the attempts made by some figures including Yahya Khoi, the leader of Friday prayer and Mohammad Zeinalabeddin for the release of GholamHussein Afzali from prison.
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