Eftekhar Belarashk
Despite its announcing neutrality in the Second World War, Iran was invaded by the Soviets and the British for its strategic and military situation, and it's having relationship with Germany. The Russians invaded the northern parts and the British invaded the Southern parts of the country; and Reza Shah, who himself was a British tool, was removed and exiled to the South Africa.
The following documents indicate how high council of defense was formed as a subsequence to Iran's defeat against the axis armies, the plans to carry political negotiations with the representatives of these two powers, and eventually Reza Shah's removal from throne and his exile to South Africa. Reza Shah, while in exile continued his correspondence with his family. His letters contain some subjects including the balance of power between Russia and the British; some family issues such financial problems, the marriage an education of young member's of the family, and some pieces of advice to Mohammad Reza Shah on internal and foreign affairs.   
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