Mirza Ibrahim Khan Hakim-al-Molk

    Mirza Ibrahim Khan Hakim-al-Molk, son of Mira Abulhassan Hakim Bashi was born in Tabriz in 1909. Until 1927 he studied at Tabriz Mozafari polytechnic and in the same year he went to Tehran and continued studying in Tehran polytechnic. Due to the spread of cholera ...
    2016/6/15 10:17

    MohammadVali Asadi

    Khan Asadi, son of Mirza Ali Akbar Birjandi (Asadi) was born in Birjand in 12781. After his education in Birjand Masoumiyeh School and using haj Sheikh Mohammad Bagher Mojtahed’s companionship, he moved to Tehran with Mohammad Ibrahim Alam and Mohammad Ismael Shokat-al-Molk ...
    2016/6/15 10:04

    Shaban Jafari

    Shaban Jafari was born in Tehran in Sanglaj in 1921. After a few years of education in schools like Onsori, Basirat and Islam, he dropped out of school due to mischief and became famous as Shaban Bi Mokh from then on. After dropping out he tried many things but ...
    2016/6/15 09:31

    Sayyed Jafar Pishevari

    Parviz Javadzadeh Khalkhali or Sayyed Jafar Pishevari was born in 1893 in one of Khalkhal’s villages and went to Russia with his family. He studied in Russia and after Russia’s communist revolution grew fond of communism and joined the central committee of the justice...
    2016/6/15 09:27

    Sayyed Mohsen Sadr

    Sayyed Mohsen Sadr, known as Sadr-al-Ashraf (1871-1962), son of Sayyed Hussein, was born in Mahalat. His primary education consisted of traditionalsciences until the age of 11 which he learned in Mahalat and due to his father’s conflict with Zal-al-Sultan...
    2016/6/15 09:19

    Sergei Markovic Shapshal (Adib-al-Sultan)

    He was a Crimean Jewish who graduated from Petersburg School of Orientalism and was fluent in languages like Turkish, Persian, Arabic and French. In 1900 Mirza Reza Khan Arfa-al-Doleh was assigned by Iran court to find a suitable teacher for the crown prince...
    2016/6/15 09:11

    Lieutenant General Fazl-Allah Zahedi

    Fazl-Allah Zahedi, son of Mirza Abulhassan Khan Basir Divan, was born in 1893 in Hamadan. He served in the Hamadan Ghazagh brigade in the First World War and he was among the troops sent to Gilan to suppress the forest. He was one of the friends of Reza Khan Mirpanj...
    2016/6/15 09:04

    Lieutenant General Nader Batmanghelich

    Lieutenant General Nader Batmanghelich was born in 1903 and graduated from Tehran military academy and set out to Switzerland to continue his education. Upon his return to the country he was appointed positions like commandership of Ardebil brigade...
    2016/6/15 08:49

    Jamshid Amoozegar

    Jamshid Amoozegar, one of Habib-Allah Amoozegar’s children, was born in Tehran in 1922. He graduated from Tehran University majoring in law and engineering. In 1944 he went to Cornel University in Washington and studied civil engineering ...
    2016/6/15 08:47

    Lieutenant General Eskandar Azmoodeh

    General Eskandar Azmoodeh, son of Mahmoud, was born in Tehran in 1912. He continued his education in the army secondary school1 and the military academy and joined the army in 19332. In 1945 he was First Battalion, Sixth Infantry Regiment ...
    2016/6/14 12:26

    Mohammad Taghi Bahar

    Mohammad Taghi Bahar, a leading poet and a practical newspaper writer was born in Mashhad, 1882. He was the son of Mirza Mohammad Kazem named Sabouri, the poet of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza. He learnt literature from his father and Arabic literature from Adib...
    2015/8/17 09:52

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