Nasseraddin Shah

    The fourth ruler of Qajar kings, and son of Mohammad Shah and Mahd-olia, Nasseraddin Shah was born in July 17th 1831. In his early youth, he was trained by Mirza Taqi Khan Amir Kabir. While only fourteen years old, he married a Qajar Princess, Galin Khanom...
    2015/1/28 11:30

    Hossein Makki

    Hossein Makki, son of Bagher Meibodi was born in 1911 in Meibod near to Yazd. He educated in Meibod andYazd. Then he came to Tehran and continued his education in Persian literature, Arabic grammar, logic and mysticism. Later on, he edited Asheq Esfahani, Golzare Adab, and Diwan Moshtaq Esfahani. After 1941, when there was an open political atmosphere...
    2015/1/28 11:21

    Gholam Abbas Aram

    Gholam Abbas Aram was born in 1282 in Yazd. His Father, Alireza Chayforosh was a Baha'i missionary who arrested and killed in Tabriz in conflict between Muslims and Baha'is. He finished his primary education in Yazd’s madrassas and then submitted to School of English missionaries and then moved to Esfahan. Aram moved from Esfahan to India for his university education but after staying a while...
    2015/1/27 12:22

    Haj Mirza Aqa Baba Qavam al- Sadat

    Haj Mirza Aqa Baba Qavam al- Sadat was the guilds' representative of Quechan in the first National Consultative Assembly. Before assuming this position, he was the servant of the Astan Qods Razavi. On April 6, 1875, Nair al- Dole, the vice provinces of Khorasan, asked him to follow some of other scholars to go to Quechan and...
    2015/1/27 12:09

    Assad Allah Rashidian

    Asad Allah Rashidian was the second child of Habib Allah Rashidian and like his father related to the English. Assad has not highly educated thus he got a businessman and in the World War II, he was the broker of English and could get abundant benefits. On August 1941, He got the advocate of Seyed Zia–al Din and joined in National Will Party. After the arrival of Mossadeq government...
    2015/1/27 12:05

    Amir Asadollah Alam

    Amir Asadollah Alam who was son of Mohammad Ibrahim Khan Alam (Shokat al- Molk), the governor of Qa'enat, was born in 1919 in Birjand. He educated in Birjand and Tehran and graduated from Karaj's Agriculture College. After his father died, Alam was appointed to governor of Sistan and Baluchistan. He became Interior Minister in...
    2015/1/27 12:00

    General Nemat Allah Nassiri

    Nemat Allah Nassiri, who was the son of Mohammad Nassiri (Amid Al- Mamalek), was born in 1910 in Semnan. He finished his educations in Military High school and then entered to Military College. After his graduating, he assumed various military jobs such as the commander of Kerman's second battalion, 18th regiment, Sirjan independent battalion commander, commander of the military college's infantry ...
    2015/1/27 11:53

    Abbas Farzanegan

    Brigadier Abbas Farzanegan was born in 1293 in Tehran and studied in Americans college in Tehran went to America to continue his education. On his return he worked in Bisim office and later went to England for education. After returning, he joined the army was liaison officer with the American military advisors. He then was deployed to U.S. as an Iranian military agent...
    2015/1/27 11:42

    Rajab Ali Mansour

    Rajab Ali Mansour, also known as Mansour al-Mulk was born in Tehran in 1895. He was graduated from the public school and he was hired in the foreign ministry in 1921. He was the manager of different parts of the foreign ministry such as trade branch's personnel, English Office, and also he assumed the office assistance and in 1936 he was appointed to the interior ministry...
    2015/1/27 11:33

    Hassan Esfandiari (Mohtashamossaltaneh)

    Hassan Esfandiari entitled Mohtashamossaltaneh, was born in the day of Kadir feast in Tehran, 1867. Mirza Mohammad Khan Rais, entitled Sadiqolmolk was his father who entered governmen administration since FathAli shah’s reign...
    2014/7/8 14:39

    Ashrafolmoluk Amini (Fakhroddowleh)

    Daughter of Mozaffaraddin Shah and Sarvarossaltaneh, Ashrafolmoluk is one of the famous women of Iran’s contemporary history. She was born in Tabriz, 1846. She received her education from Tabriz old style school. She married to Mohsen Khan, son of Mirza Ali Khan Aminoddowleh, his father’s grand vizier...
    2014/7/8 14:33

    Seyyed Javad Sadr

    Son of Mohsen Sadrolashraf, Seyyed Javad Sadr was born in Tehran, 1912. He received his primary and secondary education in Ettehadieh, Elmieh, Adab, Aqdassieh and Darolfonun schools of Tehran. He graduated from the university of Tehran in law degree. Then, he left for France to continue his education in 1925...
    2014/7/8 14:30

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