Ayatollah Morteza Motahhari

    Morteza Motahhari was born in Fariman village, 31st January, 1919. His father, Sheikh Mohammad Motahari who had completed his studies in Najaf was one of the leading clergies ofFariman.
    Motahari received his elementary education from his father and then left for Qom to...
    2015/8/5 10:42

    Mirza Agha Esfahani

    One of the leading figures of constitutional period, Mirza Agha Esfahani was born in Esfahan, about 1867. He was engaged in the trade of oil in Tehran and so he was called Mirza Agha Nafti (oil seller). He went to Istanbul in 1886 and practiced business. His long stay in this city brought him the fame of Istanbuli. He became acquainted with modern ideas through some dailies...
    2015/8/4 10:51

    Ayatollah Seyyed Abdollah Behbahani

    A religious authority and spiritual leader of Iran’s constitutional movement, Seyyed Abdullah Behbahani was born in Najaf, 1840. His great grandfather, Seyyed Abdullah Baladi Bahrani was from the Bahraini village of Ghoraifeh. It is said his father, Seyyed Esmail was born in Behbahan, and after receiving elementary education in his hometown, he left for Najaf...
    2015/8/4 10:40

    Alexander Sergeyevich Griboyedov

    Alexander Griboyedov was born in Moscow, 15th Jan. 1795. He entered Moscow University in 1810. He entered military service in 1812. He began his literary career in 1814. His first play was Young Spouses which was staged in St. Petersburg in 1815.In 1817, he entered the high school of ministry of foreign affairs and became a member of...
    2015/8/4 10:29

    Brigadier Ali Akbar Derakhshani

    Brigadier Ali Akbar Derakhshani was born in Tehran, 1895. His father, Alinaghi Khan Kangarlu was an officer of Cossack brigade and of migrant Caucasian families. He began his education from the old style schools and then entered the Hemmat School. He went to the military school specific for the children of military authorities. Later he entered gendarmerie’s officer’s...
    2015/8/4 10:18

    Ali Amini

    Son of Mohsen Amini (Mirza Ali Khan Aminoddowleh’s son) and Fakhroddowleh, daughter of Mozaffaraddin Shah, Dr. Ali Amini was born in Tehran, 1905. He received his elementary education in Roshdieh and his secondary education in Darolfonun. He left Iran for France in 1925. He was graduated in law and received his doctorate in economics...
    2015/8/4 10:16

    Lieutenant General Teymur Bakhtiar

    Son of Fathali Bakhtiar (Sardar Moazzam Bakhtiari), Lieutenant Teymur Bakhtiar was born in Shahre Kord, 1914. His father was a descendent of Imam Qoli Ilkhani. Teymur Bakhtiar received his elementary education in Isfahan and then was sent to Tehran along with Shapur Bakhtiar. When he received his degree in secondary school, he left for...
    2015/8/3 09:54

    Farah Diba

    Daughter of Sohrab and Farideh Diba was born in Tabriz, 1938. She was hardly four years old that she lost her father. After a short while in Tabriz, her mother took her to Tehran and lived at his brother’s. First she went to Tehran Italian School and after two years, she attended the French school of Gen d’ Arch. She received her diploma from the...
    2015/8/3 09:53

    AbdolHossein Mirza Farmanfarma

    Son of Firuz Mirza Nosratoddowleh, AbdolHossein Mirza Farmanfarma was born in Tehran, 1852. He received his primary education from his father and his mother, Hajieh Khanum Homa at home. Then he entered technical school of Darolfonun and studied in military field. Upon mastering military sciences, he received the title of Salar Lashkar and became...
    2015/8/3 09:51

    Shams Qanatabadi

    Son of Seyyed Mohammad Hossein Pishnamaz Qanatabadi, seyyed Shams al-Din Qanatabadi nicknamed “Agha Shams” was born in Qanatabad neighborhood of Tehran, 1914. After his elementary education in old style school of Qanatabad, he entered Darolfonun. At the age of twenty, he went to religious school of Qom. Shortly after, upon the...
    2015/8/3 09:49

    Nassrollah Entezam Vaziri

    Son of Mirza Mohammad Khan Entezamossaltaneh, Nasrullah Enteza Vaziri was born in Tehran, 1899. After his secondary education in Iran o German high school, he entered the school of law and political sciences. When he received his degree at law, he was employed in the ministry of foreign affairs. He worked for 8 years in this ministry...
    2015/8/3 09:47

    Dr. Mohammad Mofatteh

    Ayatollah Dr. Mohammad Mofatteh was born in a religious family in Hamedan, 1928. His first tutor was Sheikh Mahmud. After his primary education he left for the religious school of Qom. Simultaneous with getting high religious authority, he attained his PhD in theology from the faculty of theology and Islamic teachings of theUniversity of Tehran. He began his political ...
    2015/1/28 11:33

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