Hajj Molla Ali Kani

    One of the first rank clergies of Tehran, Hajj Molla Ali Kani was born in the Kan village of the west Tehran, 1805. Despite the objection of his family, when he was twenty years old, he left for Najaf to study religious courses and attend the classes of Sheikh Morteza Ansari and Sheikh Hassan Kashef al Qata. Again he enjoyed the classes of Sharif ol ulama...
    2015/8/8 10:24

    AbdoulReza Ghotbi

    Son of Mohammad Ali and Luise Ghotbi, AbdoulReza Ghotbi was born in Tehran, 1939. His mother was one the great grandchildren of Najafqoli Khan Samsam ol Saltaneh Bakhtiari. He went to the Italian elementary school and got his high school diploma from the French school. As his uncle, Farah Diba’s father died when he was child, his aunt and Farah...
    2015/8/8 10:20

    AbdolHossein Hazhir

    He was born in Tehran, 1901. He went to Mozaffari elementary school and studied for a while in Darol Fonun. Then he attended the school of Political Sciences and got his diploma in 1919 from the same school. He learned French, Russian and English; and entered the service of ministry of foreign affairs in 1920 and as a translator was engaged...
    2015/8/8 10:10

    GholamAli Oveissi

    Son of Gholamreza, Gholamali Oveissi was born in Qom. His father was a farmer and small landowner. Following his elementary education, he entered the military school of Tehran, 1930. In 1936, he received his diploma and two years later, he entered army as second lieutenant. In officers’ college...
    2015/8/5 11:00

    Dr. Mostafa Chamran

    Dr. Mostafa Chamran was born in a religious family in Tehran, 8th March 1932. He received his elementary education in Entessarieh school and his secondary education in Darolfonun and Alborz schools. Since his fifteen, he attended the courses of Koran interpretation in late Taleqani’s classes in Hedayat Mosque, and Morteza Mottahhari’s logic...
    2015/8/5 10:57

    Seyyed Jalaladdin Tehrani, the President of Council of Monarchy

    Son of Seyyed Ali SheikholEslam Marandi, one of the religious figures, Seyyed Jalaladdin Tehrani was born in 1893. He studied in the Tarbiat School and then continued his religious education in Sepahsalar School and became a clergy. He established an observatory in his house, and had connections with the world observatories. Later on, he...
    2015/8/5 10:56

    Amir Assadollah Khan Hessamoddowleh

    Son of Amir Alam Khan II, Amir Assadollah Khan Hessamoddowleh was replaced as the governor of the region between 1824-1829. According to the historical changes, his rule continued until about 1860. The ruling territory of Alam family was expanded during this period in contrast to their ascendants...
    2015/8/5 10:53

    Mirza Hassan Khan Mostofialmamalek

    The third son of Mirza Yussef Mostofialmamalek, Nasseraddin Shah’s grand vizier, Mirza Hassan Khan Mostofialmamalek Ashtiani was born in Tehran, 1875. The title of Mostofialamamlek, i.e. minister of finance has been in their family since a century ago. His education began at the age...
    2015/8/5 10:48

    Jamshid Alam

    Mirza Ali Akbar Khan Moetamedolvozareh’s eldest son, Asadullah Khan, known as Mokarramossaltaneh, was Jamshid Alam’s father who was born in Trabzon about 1864-1865. He continued his studies in Istanbul and Beirut and was fluent in French, Arabic and Turkish. He returned to Iran (1890-1891) as charge d’affaires in Iranian embassy...
    2015/8/5 10:47

    Hojjatoleslam Dr. MohammadJavad Bahonar

    Mohammad Javad Bahonar was born in Kerman, 1933. His education was entrusted to an old style school when he was at the age of five. After completing primary school, he received religious teachings in Massuoumieh School, and started acquiring modern educations at the same time. In order to...
    2015/8/5 10:45

    Gholam Yahya Daneshian

    Gholam Yahya Daneshian was born in Sarab of Azerbaijan, 1906. In his early youth, he went to work in the oil fields of Baku with his father. He became a member of comsomol, a communist youth organization, and then the communist party itself. He participated in the training courses of the organization. Through his activities among laborers, especially...
    2015/8/5 10:45

    Mozaffar Alam

    The fifth son of Motamedovezareh, entitled as Salar Mozaffar and Sardar Entesar, Mozaffar Alam was born in Caucasus, 1882. He received his elementary and secondary education in Turkey and then followed it in Saint Sier military school of France in artillery field. He continued his training in infantry. Before his return to Iran, he became a member of commission...
    2015/8/5 10:43

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