Lieutenant General Ahmad AmirAhmadi

    Son of Cossack brigadier general Naqi Agha, Ahmad AmirAhmadi was born in Tehran, about 1884. He studied in Eftetahieh and Tarbiat schools, and then he attended Cossack school and became second sergeant of cavalry and a sergeant major...
    2015/8/9 10:27

    A Tireless Freedom Fighter, Ayatollah Kashani

    Son of Ayatollah Seyyed Mostafa Kashani, one of great Ulamas, Ayatollah AboulQassem Kashani was born in Tehran, 1848. At first he was tutored by his father, and then attended the courses of Ayatollah Molla Kazem Khorassani, Hajj Mirza Khalil, and Ayatollah Mirza Mohammad Taghi Shirazi. While sixteen he went to Mecca and on his way back, he sojourned...
    2015/8/9 10:24

    Mohammad Hussein Naini

    One of the great religious authorities and a political theoretician of Iran, Mirza Mohammad Hussein Naini Qaravi, son of Mirza AbdolRahim was born in a religious family in Nain. After nine years of attending, Alem Isfahani’s course, he left for the holy cities of Iraq...
    2015/8/9 10:22

    Field Martial GholamReza Azhari

    GholamReza Azhari was born in Shiraz, 1909. Following primary and secondary education, he entered the officer’s college, 1933. One year later he joined the imperial army as a second lieutenant. He was promoted colonel and became the deputy commandant of central military police. He left for USA to attend a higher course, 1959. On his...
    2015/8/9 10:18

    Iraj Matbui

    Major general Iraj Matbui, son of Lieutenant Hassan Agha, was born in 1895. He followed military career as his father and when graduated from the Cossack cadet school, he went to Russia to continue his training. On his return, he joined the Cossack forces and accompanied Reza Khan in his 1921 coup in Tehran...
    2015/8/9 10:16

    HassanAli Mansur

    Son of RajabAli (Mansur-ol-Molk), HassanAli Mansur was born in Tehran, 1913. Following his education he entered the faculty of law and political sciences of Tehran University, and backed by his powerful father, he entered the service of foreign minister. He became a member of Iran’s delegation to...
    2015/8/8 14:26

    Shojaaddin Shafa

    Shojaaddin Shfa was born in Qom, 1918. Following his primary and secondary education in Qom, he entered Tehran University to study Persian literature. Then he left for Lebanon and Paris to continue his studies on literature. He returned to Tehran in 1941 and...
    2015/8/8 14:07

    Jafar Sharif Imami

    Son of Haj Mohammad Hossein NezamolIslam, was born in 1910. His elementary education was in Sharif School. Then he went to the German School and his secondary education was in technical grounds and was sent to Germany by the ministry of roads to study railroad construction. On his return to Iran...
    2015/8/8 14:04

    Akbar Gudarzi

    The leader of the Forqan group was born in the Duzan village of Aligudarz, 1951 and as his ID cart shows in 1959. His father was the shepherd Hassan. He spent his childhood in a poor and populated family. His primary and secondary education was in his home village. And due to his religious...
    2015/8/8 14:02

    Mozaffar Baqaei

    One of the most controversial figures of Iran’s contemporary history of politics, Mozaffar Baqaei was born in Kerman, 1912. His father was Mirza Shahab Ravi Kermani, a political activist of constitutional period and a deputy of the fourth term of Majlis from Kerman. He entered Nosrat Melli School...
    2015/8/8 13:58

    Lieutenant General Farajollah Aghevli

    Son of Amanollah Khan Nasir Khaqan Tabib, lieutenant general Farajollah Aghevli was born in Isfahan, 1888. He went to Adab Elementary school and then learnt English language and was engaged in the teaching of English. He continued his education in Gendarmerie school and was graduated as captain, then he was employed in the Gendarmerie...
    2015/8/8 10:29

    Seyyed Mojtaba Navvab Safavi

    Seyyed Mojtaba Mirlowhi known as Navvab Safavi was born in a religious family on Khaniabad Street of Tehran. His mother’s lineage went back to the Safavids and his father to the famous Isfahani Seyyeds of Mirlowhi. He was the leader of Fadaian e Eslam society. Following his elementary education he entered the German industrial school...
    2015/8/8 10:26

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