Habib-ollah Asgharoladi Mossalman

    Habib-ollah Asgharoladi Mossalman was born in a religious family of Damavand in Tehran, 1932. Due to hard times of earthquake and the Second World War he could not continue his education, and alternatively lived in Damavand and Tehran. Later, he entered the bazaar of Tehran and was engaged...
    2015/8/15 13:59

    Mohammad Ali Rajai

    Son of Abdol-Samad Alaghehband, Mohammad Ali Rajai was born in a religious family in Qazvin, 1923. He lost his father when he was four years. Due to financial problems of the family, he went to work after six years of education. He left Qazvin for Tehran when he was fourteen, and worked as a...
    2015/8/15 13:52

    Major General Qarani

    Son of Mirza Agha Khan, Seyyed Mohammad Vali-ollah Qarani was born in Tehran, 1913. He was educated in Dar-olfonun and Nezam and continued his education in the cadet school, and after two years, he was educated with the rank of second lieutenant...
    2015/8/15 10:37

    Hossein Ala

    Son of Prince Mohammad Ali Khan Ala-os-saltaneh, Hossein Ala was born in Tehran, 1881. He went to primary and high school in London. As his father was the Iranian minister to London, he entered the service of Iranian legation in London as attaché when he was seventeen. Later he became third and second secretary of the legation. Simultaneously, he was studying law...
    2015/8/15 10:35

    Mehdi Pirasteh

    Son of Hajj Motamed, Seyyed Mehdi Pirasteh was born in 1911 in Arak. Following his early education he studied law in the University of Tehran. He entered the service of ministry of Justice and became assistant public prosecutor and magistrate of Arak, prosecutor of Saveh, the chief of Tehran court of second instance. He was supreme court...
    2015/8/15 10:32

    Lieutenant General Nasser Moqaddam (the last chief of SAVAK)

    Son of Yaqub, Nasser Moqaddam was born in 1918. He was educated in the cadet school and staff college. Further he studied law in Tehran University. He was a leading officer of the “special bureau of intelligence” working under Hossein Fardust. Simultaneous with Fardust carrier in SAVAK, he entered the organization as its acting chief and started...
    2015/8/15 10:31

    Hosseinqoli Khan Ilkhani Bakhtiari

    The elder son of Jafarqoli Khan Bakhtiari and Bibi Shahpasand, Hosseinqoli Khan was born in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari about 1824. He had three brothers and six sons, Sardar As’ad being one of them. When he was 24 years old, he became the officer in charge of some districts of Bakhtiari region. Within a few years he expanded his...
    2015/8/15 10:20

    Abdol-Karim Qassem

    Iraqi officer and politician, Abdol-Karim Qassem was born in Baghdad, 1914. His father was a Sunni of Zobeid Qahtani tribe and his mother was a Shiite from Tamim Adnani tribe. He was brought up in a poor family and passed his early youth helping his father in carpentry and farm. He was graduated...
    2015/8/10 09:51

    Amir Kabir

    The great Iranian reformist, Mohammad Taghi Farahani, was born in the Hazaveh village of Farahan. His father, Karbalai Mohammad Qorban, was the chef of Mirza Eissa Qaem Maqam’s household and then in his son, Mirza AboulQassem’s household, he became the supervisor of the kitchen...
    2015/8/10 09:47

    Lieutenant General Morteza Khosrovani

    Son of Agha Hashem Mahallati, lieutenant general Morteza Khosrovani was born in Mahallat, 1905. Following his primary education, he entered the officer’s college and was graduated from it to go to France to attend the pilot training courses. In Iran he continued his education and was graduated...
    2015/8/10 09:44

    Shapur Bakhtiar

    Son of Mohammad Reza Sardar Fateh Bakhtiari and Nazbeigom, Shapur Bakhtiar was born in Chahar Mahal and Bakhtiari, 1915. He was the grandson of Samsam-ol-saltaneh who became prime minister two times in the constitutional period. His primary education was in Shahr e Kord and Isfahan and...
    2015/8/10 09:39

    AbdolHossein Teimurtash

    Son of Karimdad Khan Amir Monzam, AbdolHossein Teimurtash, entitled Moazzazolmolk, and Sardar Moazzam Khorassani, was born about 1881 in Bojnurd. Following his primary education and learning horse riding and shooting, he left for Ashkabad to acquire Russian and then went to St. Petersburg...
    2015/8/10 09:35

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