Fereidun Keshavarz

    One of early founders of Iran's Tudeh Party, son of Mohammad Vakil-ot-tojjar Yazdi, he was born in Guilan, 1907. His early education was at Ahmadi School in Rasht. He got his diploma from Darol-Fonun, and went to Europe to study medicine in the University of Toulouse in France. He returned to Iran in 1934 as a pediatrician. He was the...
    2015/8/16 10:21

    Khosrow Ruzbeh

    Son of Zia Lashkar, Khosrow Ruzbeh was born in Malayer, 1924. His elementary education was in American school of Malayer. He continued his high school in Hamedan. He was graduated in artillery branch from military college, and got his degree in mechanics from Technical School. Due to his dispute with the commander of anti aircraft...
    2015/8/16 10:09

    Khalil Maleki

    Son of Hajj Mirza Fath Ali, he was born in Tabriz, 1280. Following his elementary and secondary education, he came to Tehran, and continued his education at the technical school of Germans. He went to Germany with some other students, and studied chemistry there. His opposition to Reza khan caused his allowance being cut off. On his return to Iran...
    2015/8/16 10:02

    Soleiman Mirza Eskandari

    Son of Mohsen Mirza Kafil_od_dowleh, he was born in Tehran, 1863. His grandfather, Mohammad Taher Mirza was one of Abbas Mirza's grandsons, who had translated Alexander Dumas's The Three Musketeers into Persian. After his elementary education he entered Darolfonun and got his diploma...
    2015/8/16 09:55

    Dariush Homayun

    Dariush Homayun, son of Nur-ollah was born in Tehran, 1928. He was educated in Firuz Bahram and Ibn Sina elementary, and Alborz and Darayi high Schools. Then he entered the service of ministry of Finance and followed his education to get Ph.D. degree at law from Tehran University...
    2015/8/16 09:52

    Hossein Fatemi

    Hossein Fatemi was born in Naeen, 1917. He was educated in Naeen and Isfahan. In 1936, when his brother Nassr-ollah Seifpur founded Bakhtar daily, he cooperated with him. He learned the ropes of journalism in a short time. He was introduced to Setareh daily whose managing editor...
    2015/8/16 09:48

    Mohammad Massoud

    Son of Mirza Abdollah, author and editor of marde emruz, Mohammad Masud was born in Qom, 1901. He was one of the boldest journalists of Iran contemporary history. Following his elementary education, he studied Jame-ol-moqaddamat in the religious schools of Qom. He came to Tehran to earn...
    2015/8/16 09:42

    Ayatollah Seyyed Mahmud Taleqani

    A clergy, political activist and an interpreter of Koran, and son of Ayatollah Seyyed AboulHassan Taleqani, Seyyed Mahmud was born in Gelird village of Talqan, 1911. He received his early education in there, and simultaneous with Reza Khan's autocracy, he moved to Tehran with his family. He entered Qom...
    2015/8/16 09:26

    Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti

    Son of Seyyed Fazllolah, a great politician and Islamic jurist, and a great theorist, Ayatollah Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini Beheshti was born in a religious family in lanjan district of Isfahan. His elementary education and some years of his high school were passed in the same district. From 1942...
    2015/8/16 09:14

    Amir Nezam Garussi

    A reputable and capable man of Nasseri period, HassanAli Khan AmirNezam Garussi of Kabudvand a Kurdish tribe of Garuss was born about 1821 in Bijar. His mother was of Armenian descent, and his father Mohammad Sadeq Khan was one of the great statesmen of FathAli Shah's court. Due to h...
    2015/8/15 14:07

    Eprim Eshaq

    Son of a priest, Eprim Eshaq was born in an Assyrian family in Urumia, 6th Nov. 1918. Due to internal unrest and lack of security, his family migrated to Russia after his birth, but they returned to Iran, 1926. He began his primary education in Tehran and completed it in Urumia. He entered Servat high school...
    2015/8/15 14:05

    Ayatollah Abdollah Mazandarani

    Son of Mohammad Nassir Tabassi one of the leaders of constitutional revolution, Ayatollah Abdollah Mazandarani was born in 1840 in Babol. Following his primary education he left for Iraq and attended the classes of Fazel Irvani, Mirza Habib-ollah Rashti, Sheikh Mahdi Kashef-alqata, Hajj Sheikh Morteza ...
    2015/8/15 14:01

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