Mozaffar Firuz

    He was born about 1906 in an aristocratic family. He is a son of Nosrat-tod-dowleh Firuz, the eldest son of Farman Farma, a devotee to the British interests in Iran. His mother was a daughter of Mirza Hedayat-tol-lah Vazir Dafter. His father was minister of foreign affairs...
    2015/8/17 09:49

    Abdolkarim Ayadi

    Abdolkarim Ayadi, son of Mohammad Taghi was born in Tehran, 1907. His father was one of the main leaders of Iranian Bahais and a close friend of Abbass Afandi. Ayadi studied veterinary medicine in France, and then he changed his field and...
    2015/8/17 09:45

    Hossein Behzad

    Master Hossein Behzad, son of Fazl-ol-lah Esfahani was born in 1894. His father was a skillful pencasemaker and watercolor painter. His father put him at Molla Ali's pencasemaking workshop. After a while, both his father and his master died because of cholera...
    2015/8/17 09:40

    Sheikh Habib-ol-lah Zolfonun

    Habib-ol-lah Soltanabadi Iraqi known as Sheikh Habib-ol-lah Zolfonun and son of Mohammad Jafar Araki, astronomer and calendarist, well versed and exceptional in literature, mathematics and Qoran commentary, was born in 1861 in Arak. After primary education, he devoted...
    2015/8/17 09:37

    Mohammad Mohit Tabatabaee

    Seyyed Mohammad Mohit Tabatabaee was born in June 16 1902 in Zavvareh. He began his education in Haj Hassan's old style school from 1908 to 1915. He continued his education in Lotf Ali Khan Tarshizi's school 1918-1919, and in Kasegaran school from 1920-21. In 1922...
    2015/8/17 09:27

    Hassan Pakravan

    Major general Hassan Pakravan, son of Fath-ul-lah Pakravan was born in 1911 in Tehran. Educated in Tehran and went to Paris to get military training where he graduated from the military schools of Poitiers and Fontaine Bleu. In 1933 he returned to Tehran and was engaged...
    2015/8/17 09:23


    Josef Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, the Soviet political leader was born in 1879 in Guri of Georgia. His father was a shoemaker. He attended theological seminary near Tiflis. In 1898, he joined Social Democratic party of Caucasus. Following the party split into two Bolshevik and...
    2015/8/17 09:19

    Prince Arfa-od-dowleh

    Mirza Reza Khan Arfa-od-dowleh was born in 1854 in Tabriz. Educated in Tabriz and was preparing himself to go to Najaf and continue his theological trainings. But the great flood of Tabriz ruined his father's business and prevented him to follow his education. Later on, he went to Constantinople...
    2015/8/17 09:16

    Haj Mohammad Hassan Aminozzarb

    The most prominent merchant in 19th century Iran, and the first industrial investor, Haj Mohammad Hassan Esfahani, known as Company and entitled Amin Dar-oz-zarb, abbreviated Amin-oz-zarb was born about 1835 in Esfahan. His father, Agha Mohammad Hossein and his mother...
    2015/8/17 09:09

    Dr. Mohammad Mossaddeq

    Mohammad Mossaddeq, son of Mirza Hedayat-tollah Vazir Daftar, was born in 1882 in Tehran. He is related by his mother, Najm-os-saltaneh to Fath Ali Shah. Following his common education of the time, he entered the court of Nasser-ad-din Shah. After his father's death he was entitled...
    2015/8/17 09:05


    Mirza Mohammad Khan Qaffarri known as Kamalolmolk, one of the most famous painters of Iran, and son of Mirza Reza Khan Qaffari was born in 1841 in Kashan. His father and his uncle Mirza Aboul Hassan Qaffari were among the leading painters of Qajar period...
    2015/8/16 11:03

    Qavam-us-Saltaneh Under Pahlavis

    Ahmad Qavam entitled Qavam-us-Saltaneh (1874-1955), son of Mirza Ibrahim Motamed-us-Saltaneh, and brother of Vossouq-ud-dowleh is one of the leading politicians of Iran's contemporary history. He was educated by private teachers. He went to Europe to continue his education, but could not complete his studies, and he returned to...
    2015/8/16 10:23

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