Interview with Esmat-al-MoloukDolatshahi

    What comes next is part of the composed text of four interview sessions with the last wife of Reza Shah which took place in 1994 and 1995 – the first interview took place on June 3rd 1994 and the next interviews on November 12th, November 23rd 1994 and May 21st 1995 a few months ...
    2016/6/22 12:28

    Interview with Dr. Anvar Khamei

    About the establishment of Tudeh party, I assume it was on September 29th 1941 when some people gathered in Suleiman Mirza’s house and founded this party. At that time I was in prison and what I tell you now is quoted from the people present in that meeting...
    2016/6/22 12:21

    Interview with Mohammad Abdullah Gorji

    What follow is part of an interview with an experienced educators who, while talking of his memories of the records and changes in the ministry of culture has criticized previous cultural policies and the performance of some influential people in the field of cultural ...
    2016/6/22 12:15

    Leon Minasian at a Glance

    The name Leon Minasian (born in 1920) is familiar for those related to tribal history and culture. He spent many years collecting and composing various works about the Armenian culture and literature. Among them, he has written a lot about his birth place Frieden and also...
    2016/6/18 12:02

    Interview with Dr. Karim Mojtahedi, Professor of Philosophy at Tehran University

    The expression “revolution” is notable and searchable according to logic and also according to meaning and especially with regard to real inserted evidence in history. In Persian and Arabic the word is derived from the word “ghallob” meaning change and transformation...
    2016/6/18 11:47

    Interview with Shapoor Valipoor

    In the Fifth Book of Iran Contemporary History, there is an article entitled “Notes on Ashtianizadeh’s Memories Regarding Reza Khan’s Background and the Coup de Ta on Esfand 3rd” written by Shapoor Valipoor. In his article, while mentioning the emergence...
    2016/6/18 11:41

    Main factors and causes of Iran National Movement Failure; Interview with Dr. Ehsan Naraghi

    You know that after the Second World War, England was gradually replaced by the US and the Soviet Union’s goal was to fight the US after that. England, pursuing its oil interests in the south of Iran, did not oppose the oil concessions of the north of Iran ...
    2016/6/18 09:59

    Iran Nation Party; Interview with Sayyed Hussein Sharbiani

    Sayyed Hussein Sharbiani, a political activist during the years1949 and 1978, has witnessed many of the political and social events up close. His experiences from the beginning of his political activity when he was a close friend of Dariush Forouhar in...
    2016/6/18 09:50

    Devotees of Islam, Interview with Ahmad Shahab

    Ahmad Shahab, born in 1919 is one of the first and active members of the devotees of Islam and is considered among the close friends of Sayyed Mojtaba Mir Lohi [Navab Safavi]. He has witnessed many of this group’s political and military actions and he has...
    2016/6/18 09:40

    Interview with Doctor Enaytallh Reza: Soviet Union Alignment with Great Britain in Opposition to National Movement of Iran

    I believe that oil issue was a political matter from the beginning. The long-standing rivalry between Russia and Britain in Iran made people to consider oil as a political issue. Subsequent flows exacerbated the political aspect of the issue. Oil became a political phenomenon in 1932 and 1933...
    2015/8/22 15:05

    Talking to Ali Akbar Kosari

    One of the former experienced teachers talked to us. He expressed his memories about the history and the education minister's changes as well as the past cultural politics and the effective men's performance in the cultural changes field...
    2015/8/22 15:02

    Talking to Doctor Hussein Khatibi, the Vice President of National Consultative Assembly; the Second Pahlavi from Confusion to Dictatorship

    It was about that the population advocates made decision to announce a week which called it '' the Red Sun and Lion week'' to find the issue's profits and during the week, they intended to collect donates. One of those people, who were invited at meeting, was Doctor Moazemi. He stated that" I'm too busy, but I refer you someone who can help you in this case"; therefore, I followed him...
    2015/8/22 14:46

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