MUSAD during the Islamic Revolution (1977-1978)

    From the beginning, the relations between Iran and Israel were faced with oppositions among political-social circles. At the same time with the expansion of the relations between the two countries during the 1960’s and 1970’s, the opposition against...
    2016/6/13 10:13

    The Cossack Brigade Record in Iran

    Among the most important tools of political and also military power of Czarist Russia in Iran was the Cossack force. The Cossack force which was founded in 1879 during Naser-al-Din Shah’s monarchy and with the help of the Russian officers was considered ...
    2016/6/13 10:09

    The Tobacco Uprising, First Resistance against the Shah

    Reggie contract or tobacco monopoly which was signedbetweenIran government and the English Major Talbot was recorded as the first authoritarian and colonial struggles in the form of an integrated and composed uprising in the contemporary history of Iran ...
    2016/6/13 10:05

    Iran Cut off Relations with France and the US during First Pahlavi Period

    Rise of Reza Khan Mirpanj and establishment of Pahlavi monarchy was in fact destruction of parliamentary government’s achievements and further autocracy of England in Iran such that it influenced Iran’s relations with other countries. In the second decade ...
    2016/6/13 10:01

    August 1907 Treaty

    The beginning of the 10th century coincided with several important incidents for Iran. One was signing of August 31st 1907 treaty between England and Russia. The goal of the treaty was to elevate the conflict between the two countries and the subject was the ...
    2016/6/13 09:59

    Development of Regional Military and Security during the 1990’s

    We can say that two important factors caused the increase in Iran’s military and security role in the region in 1970’s, namely sharp increase of oil prices and arms purchases of Shah’s government towards the US regional strategy...
    2016/6/13 09:53

    General Education of Girls during Qajar and Pahlavi

    Due to different political, social reasons and limiting factors, education of women during Qajar and at the beginning of Pahlavi was not very common. The only place for education was the old-fashioned primary schools where the girls had no share in. these schools ...
    2016/6/13 09:32

    Iran and CENTO Alliance

    By the end of World War II, the world was faced with a new crisis and communist beliefs spread unbelievably. This spread, which began after the victory of the Soviet Union over Germany and creation of leftist communist parties, attracted seven ...
    2016/6/13 08:51

    Bahrain’s Isolation from Iran; How and Why?

    During the 60’s and 70’s Iran faced especial political changes such that in addition to performing a sensitive role in the region and establishing a stable region it made cordial relations with the neighboring countries. In this period, due to friendly ...
    2016/6/13 08:34

    Land Reforms – American Reforms in Iran (1960-1963)

    The subject of donating land to farmers was one of the principles posed by communism parties after the communist revolution in Russia in 1917 and tried to attract the distressed farmers and tillers to communist ideology. Of course from constitution onwards the issue ...
    2016/5/25 15:10

    Imperialism and Its Formation of Various Sects

    This file is edited in PDF format and in Persian language. Please download and run it in Adobe Acrobat Reader.
    2015/9/21 09:01

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